Entry Fee Changes – 2023 Excellence in Journalism

To 2023 SPJ contest submitters,

The Detroit Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists is adjusting the entry fees for entries in this year’s Excellence in Journalism awards. We wanted to give everyone who submitted entries in 2022 a heads-up.

The contest now has the following fee levels:

  • $50 – the default entry fee for non-SPJ members. You will need to email the Administrator if you qualify for a lower fee level prior to submitting entries so that your fee level can be adjusted.
  • $35 – SPJ members with verified membership.
  • $35 – student non-SPJ members.
  • $30 – small newsrooms (less than 10 employees).
  • $25 – for student SPJ members with verified membership.

We will pre-adjust the default fee for “known” SPJ members.  Contact us if you are not sure.

At least one of the contest entrants of a media organization must be an SPJ member for the organization to qualify for the member rates.

As an SPJ member, you also receive other benefits, including reduced ticket prices at our annual awards banquet, discounts at OfficeMax and many others – visit: Become a Member – Society of Professional Journalists (spj.org). And you will be on our mailing list for various notices including special events and programs.

You can join SPJ by selecting the “Become a Member” tab above.

Please email us (SPJDetroit@gmail.com) if you have questions.

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